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School has Egyptian market

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Frankfort Christian Academy middle school students pretended to be Egyptians at a school-sponsored Egyptian market held in the gym.

It was part of a hands-on learning experience designed by Christian Academy language arts teacher Jocelyne Waddle.

The students learn about Egyptian mythology in the context of the Bible and study the culture surrounding it, Waddle said.

Games such as hopscotch and leapfrog were first played by Egyptian children and the black face paint football players wear under their eyes to keep the sun from reflecting is similar to the makeup Egyptians wore for the same reason, Waddle said.

“They can see the continuity from then to now,” Waddle said. “They have a good time and they learn a lot.”

Students from the other grades visited the Egyptian market Friday and learned the art of bartering for various items such as food and chariot rides.

Seventh-grader Kelsey Edwards gave a lengthy presentation to first-graders about pyramids and what Egyptians believes happened in the afterlife. Edwards didn’t refer to notes as she told them about one of the largest pyramids in Egypt.

“One side was 756 feet long,” Edwards said. “That’s really, really long. Longer than this gym.”

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