February 14, 2016

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Education rally held at Capitol

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 6, 2003

Around 30 Kentucky State University students walked into the at Capitol rotunda Thursday waving banners that said “Don’t raise tuition at K-State” and “Get the budget off our backs.”

They joined students from such schools as the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Northern Kentucky University and Morehead State University in chanting “Education Pays” and “We will vote.”

Students gathered to express their concern with tuition increases and budget cuts in higher education. The theme of the student rally was “Don’t balance the budget on the backs of students.” Students wore bumper stickers on their backs or on their backpacks that read “Don’t balance the budget on our backs.”

KSU junior Claudia Bottoms said she and the other KSU students wanted to attend the rally to show their concern over the education cuts.

“We came out today, because we don’t want to see our tuition raised and we want to see our historically black university prosper,” she said. “Also, we want the politicians to support KSU. I think this could make a difference, but our turnout should make a difference if nothing else.”

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