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Not all weapons are considered deadly

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 10, 2003

Kentucky law says a serrated hunting knife is not a deadly weapon but a Shuriken, better known as a death star, is.

Frankfort Police spokesman Steve Clark said the Kentucky Revised Statutes’ definition of deadly weapons does not include hunting knives or pocket knives. And, Clark said, despite myth to the contrary, it doesn’t matter how long the blade is on a pocket knife as long as it is a folding pocket knife.

That means under KRS 500.080, you can carry a concealed hunting knife or a pocket knife and not be considered in violation of the concealed deadly weapons law.

“At the police department, we don’t make the laws, we enforce the laws,” Clark said “We have to enforce what’s written in the statute book.”

However, Clark agreed it seems obvious that the average male or female could do more damage with a hunting knife, which under statute would not be considered a deadly weapon, than a death star,.

“I think the average male, or female, could do a whole lot more damage with a hunting knife,” Clark said.

Clark said he has quizzed many of the veteran officers at his department as well as some from other departments about whether they’ve ever been involved in a case where a death star was used.

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