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Muslims here voice unease about the war

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 13, 2003

His words left no doubt the war in Iraq is tearing his heart out. Ashiq M. Zaman, a Frankfort resident since 1994 and a U.S. citizen, knew his words would offend many Americans.

But Muslims need to speak out, he said, “without fear or prejudice, for peace and justice and against war and devastation. Inaction is the same as surrender, he said.

His message was titled “Operation Iraqi Freedom” at Friday afternoon’s prayer service in the Islamic Center of Frankfort.

The Quran makes it “abundantly clear that killing an innocent person is killing the whole of humanity and saving a life is saving the whole of humanity,” he said. “Sanity and justice have now become the casualty in the war on terrorism.”

The destruction by missiles and bombs is causing carnage in Iraq, he said. “The carpet bombing and precision targeting are causing collateral damages and innocent Iraqi people are dying at the altar of freedom and civilized values of the U.S. administration,” Zaman said. “This is the message from the champions of morality today.”

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