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Kings Center gets grant for after school program

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 14, 2003

Learning doesn’t stop when school is out.

Those who run the Kings Center know that. They also know life-affirming or life-altering behaviors are often learned in those after school hours. That can be good or bad, depending on how students spend their time.

The center recently received a grant to provide students an opportunity to combine fun with learning during those impressionable after school hours. The program is open to students ages 5-14 at Second Street and Frankfort High schools who need extra help in subjects such as math or English.

“No child will fall through the cracks,” said Kings Center Director Misty Seitz. “If we have a child in south Frankfort who isn’t attending and we have a teacher who says so and so is having trouble in a subject, the teacher can refer the child and parents to the center for tutoring.”

The tutoring is free of charge.

The Kings Center, which is also a United Way agency, received a $150,000 grant this spring from the 21st Century Community Learning Center program through the Kentucky Department of Education.

The center will receive $150,000 each year for three years with the possibility of having it renewed at $112,500 for a fourth year and $75,000 for a fifth year, said Pat Bacon, one of the founders of the Kings Center and the director of The Growing Place, the city schools’ family resource center.

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