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Johnson gives back to students

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 16, 2003

“Life is to give, not to take.” – Victor Hugo.

Anyone who’s taken a class at Franklin County High School with foreign language teacher Terry Johnson knows that’s the motto by which he teaches.

Johnson gives his students lots of vocabulary and lots of laughs along the way.

His French IV AP class is a good example of that.

The students are practicing to be in the “the hot seat.” It’s an annual lesson Johnson teaches. It’s all about asking questions in French and being able to understand and respond to the questions.

Students partner up. The name of a famous person or a popular fictional character is written on the board and only the person in the cold seat can see it.

Think $25,000 Pyramid. Now, whoever is in the hot seat has to ask questions in French to their partner, who responds to the questions, also in French.

Time is kept until the person in the hot seat figures out what’s written on the board. The fastest time wins. One minute is added to a team’s time for each English word used.

While friendly competition is involved, students are graded only on the how properly they speak, based on how well they construct their sentences.

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