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ET not PC?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 27, 2003

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bruce Lunsford’s most recent political advertisement has rubbed some Frankfort people the wrong way.

Three green aliens in a spaceship are portrayed on the cover of a brochure pointing at a map marked with a star below “Frankfort”. One alien is holding a clipboard with “Frankfort” crossed out.

The phrase in question says: “They came to the Capitol looking for signs of intelligent life. They went home.”

Local officials and campaign volunteers for Democratic gubernatorial candidates Jody Richards and Ben Chandler were less than thrilled with a portrayal they say implies that there is no intelligent life in Frankfort.

Franklin County Judge-Executive Teresa Barton said she noticed the error in phrasing when she received a copy of the advertisement in the mail.

“In all political campaigns you want to consistently deliver a message,” Barton said. “My concern is the way this is phrased. It gives the appearance that those in Frankfort are lacking in intelligence which is very far from the truth because we have the most politically savvy citizens in the state.”

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