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Students, hospital, EMS crews stage mock accident

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 1, 2003

Paramedics shared smiles with crash “victims” Friday as they treated their make-believe injuries.

The Frankfort High School students were more than willing to help Frankfort Fire and Emergency Medical Service crews practice their emergency response times during the simulated car accident at the F.D. Wilkinson Gymnasium.

“It’s part of our continuing training process,” said Lt. Dan Shouse, public education officer with Frankfort Fire and EMS. “It helps test our readiness.”

The scene was built around a scenario in which teenagers wrecked after a drag race on a summer evening. A sedan and minivan were made to look as if they had crashed into the building after drivers lost control. Several “victims” were inside and some were trapped under the front tires of the vehicles.