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Landfill expansion rejected

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 27, 2003

The Frankfort-Franklin County Planning Commission voted 6-2 Thursday against recommending expansion of the Browning-Ferris Industries landfill. BFI plans to appeal to Fiscal Court.

The waste company applied for a zone change for property north of the county’s existing landfill and closer to the Huntington Woods neighborhood. The company sought to rezone 211.25 acres from “RR” (Rural Residential) and “CH” (Highway Commercial) to “EZ-L” (exclusive use zone for landfills). The expanded landfill would border Interstate 64 to the north, and Highway 151 and Benson Creek to the east.

Commissioner David Garnett emphasized early in the discussion the commission was to decide if a zone change should occur and not look at BFI’s contributions to the community or the quality of life for the Huntington Woods residents.

The planning commission presented several findings of fact that led to denial of the proposal. Some included: Less than 10 percent of the trash to go into the landfill would be Franklin County’s, two-thirds of the original landfill’s capacity hasn’t been used, a new landfill would interfere with natural topography since it will be between 75 and 100 feet tall and would be visible from rural roads.

Commissioner Mitch Buchanan said the estimated life of the proposed landfill would be 21.5 years. He said the future use of the property would be limited to recreation once the landfill ceases.

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