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Skeeters, beavers bug city

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 10, 2003

Dennis Spaulding said he and his wife Rose can’t let their seven grandchildren play outside in the backyard of their home at # 3 Tracy Court much these days “because the mosquitoes will eat them up.”

The couple baby-sit for their grandchildren who range in age from 17 months to 15. The smaller children can no longer play on the swingset in the back of the yard because the drainage ditch below the fence is filled with stagnant water and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, Spaulding said.

Jerry Spaulding, Dennis Spaulding’s brother, who lives next door at #4 Tracy Court, said he has to carry a flyswatter in his back pocket with him just to water the flowers in his backyard.

“They just will not leave you alone,” Jerry Spaulding said. “It’s unreal. We’ve had them (mosquitoes) many times but it’s never been this bad.”

‘The kids can’t play out like they used to,” Dennis Spaulding said. “We have to spray them just to let them outside.”

“They’re so aggravating,” Jerry Spaulding said. “We can’t even sit out on the front porch past 7:30. Even in the early mornings and evenings, they’re on you.”

Eric Burke with the Holmes Street Neighbors Association asked Frankfort city commissioners at last week’s work session whether the city had arranged to spray the area in an effort to control the mosquitoes. Burke also asked what if anything could be done about the beavers near Cove Spring Park that have built a second dam causing more water to collect and runoff into the ditch at Penitentiary Branch.