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Capital Seats Broadway Revisited

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Bench Name: Broadway Revisited

Designer: Eileen Hardy

Sponsor: Mary Hamilton, storyteller

Location: Capital Avenue

Designer’s comments: I presented several design ideas to sponsor, Mary Hamilton. The depiction of Broadway was selected in part because of her storytelling talents. Architecture has frequently been a subject of mine in my photography. What I find most fascinating is how light plays with the geometric shapes and changes the look and feel of a building. Buildings also tell stories about the lives and activities of those who lived there. I wanted the bench to express something about Frankfort, and intrigue those sitting on it, to look at the image with curiosity – wondering what street it is … what building is there … and maybe even evoke a memory of an event or moment in someone’s past.

The bench project was a process of evolution and problem-solving. Initially, I started with acrylic paint, however, I returned to the photographic process as the medium to best capture the nuances of light and geometry. Also, working on a large, three-dimensional project was different for me. As the process evolved, I discovered shapes created from light that I didn’t see when the image was small. I also wanted to carry the play of angles into the benches shape also. So, the back-rest of the bench was cut at an angle to work with the feeling of movement and perspective.

When I was asked what to title the bench, there was discussion between Broadway Perspective and Broadway Revisited. The plaque reads Broadway Revisited, which works well with the notion of change – coming back to some place from long ago. Things always look different than what we remember and simultaneously, evokes memories, stories from our past. I remember returning to my grandmother’s farm house in Pennsylvania several years ago and remembering it as a much larger house even the orchards looked small. And, if someone sits on the bench that has no history of Frankfort, then it might promote questions like, what building is this?

I used a digital camera and computer software to create the final image. The large 3 x 5 foot photograph was printed at Signs Now; Dennis and I collaborated with the final application and cutting to the bench. The photograph is covered with an adhesive acrylic coating and the bench was painted with outdoor paint from Sherwin Williams. I selected the dazzling blue to compliment the blue shapes in the photograph.

The State Journal is publishing photos of the Capital Seats public art project. The Capital Seats public art project is a combined effort of Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., and the Capital Area Art Guild Inc., which have partnered to raise funds to renovate the Grand Theatre in downtown Frankfort into a local community arts center. The Capital Seats project also has been planned to promote the enjoyment of art in the community. On Oct. 9, Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., will reprise its highly successful “Grand Taste of Frankfort” event, at which time the benches will be auctioned to the public. Visit The State Journal Web site at www.state-journal.com and click on the Capital Benches link to see other benches in the project.