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BFI future unclear, option eyed

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 21, 2003

The city is considering implementing a solid waste transfer station in light of the Frankfort-Franklin County Planning Commission’s denial of zone change for new landfill site.

Director of Public Works Jeff Hackbart said Wednesday constructing a transfer station where trash would be collected then deposited to another location is a viable alternative to having a local landfill. Currently, the city has a monthly contract with the landfill operator Browning Ferris Industries (BFI).

The city pays BFI $20.75 a ton to dispose of city waste (about 40-50 tons of trash are collected daily). Hackbart said two or three city trucks collect trash daily and transport it to the landfill in eastern Franklin County.

In June, the Frankfort-Franklin County Planning Commission shot down a zone change request from BFI, recommending that Franklin County Fiscal Court deny BFI’s request for landfill zoning at property adjacent to the current landfill site (BFI representatives have contended the current landfill is near capacity).

That action, combined with a desire to seek the most cost-effective route for trash disposal, prompted the city to examine a transfer station.

“That’s one of the options were going to look at,” said Hackbart of the possibility of a transfer station. “We’re going to put out a bid and see what prices come back.”