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Homecoming gas policy offends some

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 17, 2003

Some employees and alumni of Kentucky State University have distributed an e-mail suggesting a boycott of Five Star Food Mart on East Main during homecoming week because of what they perceive as a discriminatory store policy.

The controversy stems from a sign posted above the gas pumps that reads: “Attention. All pumps will be pre-pay starting Monday Oct. 12th-Sunday Oct. 18th. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks, management.”

In an e-mail sent to numerous KSU employees and forwarded to The State Journal, several KSU employees lambasted Five Star for changing its gas payment policy during KSU’s homecoming week.

One of the e-mails said, “I then heard a loud voice over the intercom informing a customer that ‘all pumps are pre-pay for homecoming.’ I, too, am a graduate of KSU. As I heard these words come out of the attendant’s mouth, my mouth dropped wide open. I could not believe this. I was appalled. Since this is the road that they (Five Star management) want to take, I believe we should take a higher road. How can we do this? For the rest of this week including this weekend we should not gas up or purchase ANYTHING from Five Star on Main Street.”

Another e-mail in the chain written by a KSU administrator said: “At best, this is an insult to all KSU faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends. At worst, this is a blatant violation of the civil rights of all KSU faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.”