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Man who helped bring Boone back is himself reburied here

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 16, 2003

Local military officials and members of the public on Saturday paid tribute to a Kentuckian who long ago served as the state adjutant general and the first U.S. chief postal inspector.

Preston Samuel Loughborough, who was born in Franklin County in 1802, was honored in a ceremony at the Frankfort Cemetery where his body was to be reinterred at the State Mound. Recognized as the first Kentucky adjutant general native to the state, Loughborough was originally buried in Clay County, Mo., where he died in 1852. At one time, he had helped arrange the return of another prominent Kentuckian buried in Missouri – Daniel Boone.

“We are privileged to have him back here in the Frankfort Cemetery and to bring back a piece of Kentucky history,” said David Goetz, a Kentucky National Guard chaplain.

Loughborough died in Missouri while visiting family. His gravesite was in disrepair and was at risk from encroachment from current property owners, according to information provided by the National Guard. The Loughborough family gave permission for his remains to be removed to the Frankfort Cemetery.

The last burial at the State Mound took place during the Vietnam War.

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