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City delays sewer fee vote under fire

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2003

City commissioners were charged with putting the cart before the horse by moving toward adoption of a new sewer fee of $4 per month before passing the new sewer policy it will support.

Eddie Adams, a resident of Indian Hills, told commissioners he believes the $4 fee “is too much” and the idea of the city assuming responsibility for the maintenance of lateral sewer lines in the public right-of-way should be studied and implemented in a much slower fashion.

Adams, a 40-year veteran of the state highway department, said he didn’t like the idea of his sewer bill doubling.

“People should take care of their sewer lines as they have in the past instead of charging everybody” Adams said.

Frankfort resident Anne Gibbs pointed out that commissioners were going to approve the first reading of the new fee and a request to allow bids for plumbers to provide contract services for the anticipated large number of lateral maintenance projects that will ensue.

“It seems premature to pass the fee without passing the policy,” Gibbs said.

Commissioners Lynn Bowers and Tracey Turner Thurman agreed and suggested they table the bid proposal pending a special meeting on getting the policy in line with the fee.

“I would just rather do things appropriately and in order,” Bower said. “I would like to see us do A before we do B.”

Thurman agreed and said she believes a special meeting would be the best way to address this concern.

Commissioner Andrew Layson said it was his understanding that the policy needed to be approved at the same time as the funding.

“If the ordinance is not approved, then the policy cannot be approved,” Layson explained. “They go together, hand-in-hand. You can’t approve the policy unless you have a way to pay for it.”

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