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School residency rules eyed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

There is a possibility that children at Second Street School who have moved out of the district since fall will not be allowed to enroll in the district for the next school year.

The Frankfort Independent Board of Education discussed a proposal for accepting students residing in the Franklin County school district during Tuesday’s meeting.

The proposed policy reasons that, “absent an economy of scale or employee accommodation rationale for educating nonresident students for whom no (state) funds are received, the education of those students renders a disservice to resident students.”

In addition, out-of-district childen admitted to Second Street School because their parents were employees of the school system would not be allowed to return the subsequent school year if their parents no longer work for the city district.

However, “non-resident students enrolled at Second Street School in the fall of 2003, who are not children of employees, will be allowed to remain in the school system as long as they remain in good standing,” according to the proposal.

Also, “new non-resident students will be accepted in grade six only, and superintendent (Dr. Judith Lucarelli) would be authorized to accept up to 10 students into grade six.”

Second Street Middle School Principal Cynthia Lawson said the proposal seemed to punish staff children more than tuition students. She said it’s important to admit new students in order to keep the student body diverse.

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