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Hunter needs home for holidays

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 21, 2003

Hunter, the dog found last month in the Green Wilson Road area suffering from extreme neglect and an imbedded collar, is ready for someone to fall in love with him.

He’s nearly healed now, said Frankfort/Franklin County Kennel Manager Regina Mitchell, except he still has some minor problems with his neck.

“Hunter,” who appears to be a year or year and a half old basset hound and German Shepherd mix, was suffering from an imbedded collar when he was found. His neck measured 17 1/2 inches and his collar was 15 inches in length – fastened at the 11-inch hole.

Neighbors in the area had called the Humane Society and reported seeing the dog – and smelling its rotting flesh – as it passed through their yards.

Sally Brown, shelter manager of the Frankfort/Franklin County Humane Society, said neighbors reported Hunter was left behind when his owners moved away from the area. A child who knew the dog told Brown that the woman who owned him tried to remove his collar once “a long time ago” and couldn’t get it off, so she just left it on.

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