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Grocery stores here see no ‘mad cow’ impact

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 26, 2003

Local grocery store managers said they have not been affected by news of the very first case of mad cow disease being detected in Washington State.

Neither of the Frankfort area Kroger stores have had to pull any of their beef products from the shelves.

Danny Slucher, a butcher for the Kroger located in Brighton Park, said he hadn’t received word from theLouisville headquarters that the local store needed to do anything with its beef following the news.

Danny Bryant, owner of Pic-Pac Supermarket, said in a telephone interview on Christmas Eve that so far the store hadn’t had any problems with its beef.

“We haven’t had to pull any of our meat,” he said. “We have checked all of our meat, and it is fine.”

Dale Anglin, who works in the meat department at Save-A-Lot Food Store on Versailles Road, said he believes people are over-reacting to the news.

“Our beef sales have kind of been down because of the price increase in beef (prices),” Anglin said. “Mad cow disease hasn’t played much of a role in it.”

Anglin said he doesn’t look for the recent mad cow scare to have any real effect on beef sales or consumption in the Frankfort area.

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