February 14, 2016

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Roadside Cheaters and Liars, get this…..

Published 10:37 am Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Please do not give in to your inner sensitivities by giving money to these losers at the stop light

by the Logan’s and Cracker Barrel entrance. Just the other night, my wife and I took the very rare step of actually going

to a modest but fun dinner. We work extremely hard all week and consider ourselves charitable as well; let’s get that straight

up front. So as we are leaving the restaurant turning left on to the main road headed to the stoplight at Versailles rd.  We See This:

A newer white pickup truck pulls over and out gets a well dressed, young man (25 yrs old) with a drink and a sign. I immediately figure

It’s a “yard sale” or other info sign; given the vehicle and attire of the young man. Oh no! It’s a sign that says “family of three has nothing, anything appreciated”

This young man is dressed as if he were heading out to a restaurant or bar to watch the game with the friends. (After he cheats good people out of their money so

he can go drink and have a great time and continue his drug use). I have been around long enough to know what it was and it was a cheater, scammer and liar. DO NOT GIVE

TO THESE PEOPLE> especially this idiot. Please think about your response to this and how you are encouraging these liars if you type one

word of support of them and the crime they are committing. But as with everything, there will be a few people that

continue to say it’s okay to be lied to and cheated. Look in the mirror, before you hit send, if you support these criminals.

ITS NOT OKAY TO STEAL AND CHEAT! Please don’t infuse politics here, stealing is stealing! Get A Job! Its no different than a criminal in your home. today there are over 20 job postings on the SJ alone.