February 11, 2016

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Published 10:27 am Monday, December 21, 2015

Won’t be voting Republican

After reading the State-Journal letter from Bill Marshall about registering Republican (“Consider registering Republican” State Journal Dec. 6). I had to write and comment. I could not help but agree with Donnie Hagy’s rebuttal (“Register Republican? Really?” State Journal Dec. 13). I do not know what has happened to this country, but I know for sure that is has gone downhill with the Republican’s agenda.

Case in point: I am a Vietnam veteran. Last month Mitch McConnell came to Shelbyville and spoke at the Veterans Memorial. He went on to say that his parents lived and worked in Shelbyville and praised the veterans for all that they have done.

Nice huh? Then he had the nerve and the gall to go back to Washington, with himself, Rand Paul and John McCain — who by the way was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. All three of these so-called “good guys” along with 39 other Republican liars, vetoed the Veterans bill, that would have helped not only Vietnam Veterans, but ALL the Veterans!!

And this jerk is looking out for me? Ha! That is a laugh.

And Bill Marshall wants me to register Republican?

When Hell freezes over! The Republican no more cares about the American people than I care about a dead rat! Now that I think about it, that sums up the Republican party!  None of them give a damm about anyone but their selves.

Benny L. Duvall Jr.


Solve the gun problems

Pistol bullets flying at night on Logan Street!  Wow!  Whatever next!?  It’s time to do something!  But what?

England is not America, of course. Pistols, however, are the same anywhere. So is good and evil. That’s why we should help our vital, valued ‘bobbies” feel less threatened and more in charge. London has as many troubled folk — also those who are sporting and hunting folk. Unlicensed pistols are dangerous anywhere. Let’s ban unlicensed ones. Let’s get strict on pistols. Let’s bring our Constitution up-to-date, help immigrants, obey the law, unite language, forgive much, help our police and stick close together.

Mark Lyon Thornewill


Congressional rhetoric self-serving for politicians

“My number one priority is making sure Obama is a one-term president.”

That Mitch McConnell quote is a salient example of the prevalent stupidity in Congress. Such statements are prompted by self-service or in collaboration with profiteering lobbyists.

The overstated threat of terrorism is a salient example of collaborate, profiteering-spawned stupidity. True, terrorists are a threat to life — but not to our way of life. The only genuine threat to our Constitution is the unethical, unlawful, immoral, irresponsible, incompetent, nonproductive conglomeration of politicians in Congress.

Consequently, Democrats and Republicans alike do not want Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office. Money cannot move him, and that shuts down their marketable influence in the private sector, especially among the long-seated incumbents who have become multimillionaires on Capitol Hill.

Profiteering lobbyists and money, not sworn duty, make up the fuel that turns the legislative gears in Congress. The following is a relevant Trump quote. “I’m really, really wealthy! I’ll tell lobbyists to go to hell.”

Pundits who predicted Trump’s early demise still differ about the source of his staying power. Simple, great numbers of former middle class citizens in every demographic clearly see that only plainspoken truth can rescue our besieged and beloved America.

Shafter Bailey


Is this the best Dems can do?

This is in response to Mark Henry’s letter (“Democrats must return to roots” State Journal Dec. 6). I read (and re-read) Mr. Henry’s letter and was left simply scratching my bald head.

His last paragraph was the conundrum I simply cannot figure out. “[…] To win again, Democrats must remind citizens what they “stand for.”

I would ask Mr. Henry to explain to me — a registered Democrat — what this party stands for, although I think most of us with one functioning brain cell KNOW what they stand for: the status quo.

I’m also very aware of this: the Republican Party has only controlled the government of this Commonwealth for TWO terms (excluding the upcoming one) since 1964.

So, where did all these problems originate?

I say go look in the mirror. What does this party stand for? They now stand for a system that has so bastardized its own retirement system, that I (a recently retired employee) have to worry every day whether or not I’m going to HAVE a retirement.

They managed to let most of their highest paid non-merit ne’er do-well employees burrow so far into the merit system, they had to pass laws to make sure that could not continue. In fact, at one time, it was considered en vogue to double-dip and brag about. The damage has already been done. They have sucked off the government teat for so long, there’s no milk left. But they still want to blame everybody else.

So, I simply close by stating to Mr. Henry that if this is the best our Democratic Party can offer, they can keep it.

Donnie Hagy


For some clowns, this is not a joke

Remember the president Americans wanted to have a beer with; that long, tall Texan from Kennebunkport, Phillips Academy, Yale and Harvard. I thought of him a few nights ago during a “fantasy business trip” I went on. After an uninspired supper I walked over to the hotel bar. At the end of the bar some inebriated guys were talking politics.

One said, “Here’s what we oughta do to these ISIS SOBs, bomb the sh*t outta them.”

“Yeah”, said another, “make the sand glow under their feet.”

“Yeah, and we need a big wall around America, keep Muslims and Mexican rapist drug dealin’ job-stealers out.”

Another said, “And we need to shut down these baby-killin’ clinics all over America; scare the living hell outta doctors, put women who have abortions or who do drugs when pregnant in jail. Make the fornicators pay for their own contraceptives too, if they can find any after we get in.”

“And we gotta shut down this socialist free and reduced health care insurance for people who can’t make money; like they’re doin’ in Kentucky. America’s 47 percent of ‘takers’ made their bed, let ’em lie in it. There’s no free lunch, amerite.”

Another chimed in, “The blacks are the ones killin’ each other, and these Black Lives Matter SOBs are getting cops killed. I say, ALL lives matter; ’specially blue ones, and I’ll order the execution of any cop killer.”

“Yeah”, said another, “Cops need help, all these people wouldn’t be gettin’ killed if every good person in America packed heat; guns don’t kill people, people kill people, bad people. Good people kill bad people.”

I wondered, what do these angry blowhards do for a living? Then they staggered from the bar, squeezed into a very tiny little brightly-colored car and drove to their next debate.

Mark Henry