Wendy's paid CEO $4.6M for last quarter of 2011

CANDICE CHOI AP Food Industry Writer Published:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wendy's gave its new CEO a pay package worth $4.6 million for the last four months of 2011.

Brolick was hired last September after Wendy's split from fellow fast-food chain Arby's and has been on a mission to reinvent Wendy's as a higher-end burger chain by improving ingredients and remodeling restaurants.

An Associated Press analysis of a regulatory filing finds that Emil Brolick's compensation included salary of $338,462, a bonus of $500,000, stock and option awards worth $3.2 million and an incentive-based bonus of $533,026.

Other compensation covered legal expenses related to the negotiation of his contract.

Wendy's previous CEO, Roland Smith, received $16.5 million for the first part of 2011, including $11.3 million in severance pay.

The AP's calculation includes salary, bonuses, perks and stock and option awards.