Given a chance, Lin becomes New York's newest star

BRIAN MAHONEY AP Basketball Writer Published:

GREENBURGH, N.Y. (AP) -- Everyone around the Knicks seems caught up in Linsanity except Jeremy Lin.

Their new point guard still won't get his own place to live, just in case they cut him this week. And he takes no satisfaction in proving he wasn't a one-hit wonder, because he could still turn out to be "like a two-time wonder."

That seems unlikely. Lin scored 28 points in his first career start Monday, and even Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is impressed with the way he's grabbed control of the offense.

Coach Mike D'Antoni knew Lin was smart -- he went to Harvard, after all -- but didn't know if he was ready to play in the NBA. Now he does.

D'Antoni says "When he got one opportunity, he took advantage of it."