BC-Agate Fixtures, Advisory,0259EDITORS:

Sports Editors:

Based on a recent survey of agate use by members of the Associated Press Sports Editors organization, the following items were checked as infrequently used, if at all.

As a result, we plan to discontinue sending them as of Feb. 4.

Questions can be directed to sports editor Terry Taylor at 212-621-1640.


-- BKW Long Boxes (Top25)

-- NTRA 3YO Thoroughbred Poll, Thoroughbred and Standardbred polls

-- CAR-ALMS Results

-- CAR-Rally Results

-- CAR-SCCA Results

-- CAR-Indy Lights Results

-- MOT-AMA Superbike Results

-- MOT-World Superbike Results

-- BBA-American and National League Best of Month

-- BBA-American and National League Team Comparisons

-- BBA-American and National League Worst of Month

-- HKN-Team Rosters

-- TEN-World Team Tennis Glance

-- SOC_British Soccer Standings -- England (Premier League; League Championship; League 1 & 2) and Scotland (Premier League; Divisions 1, 2 & 3)

--SOC_German Soccer Glance (Bundesliga)

--SOC_Spanish Soccer Glance (La Liga)

--SOC_Italian Soccer Glance (Serie A)

--SOC_French Soccer Glance (Ligue 1)

--SOC_Mexican Soccer Glance (Apertura)

We also plan to discontinue the Time Out fixture (also known as Lists), which moves every two weeks on the special agate wire.

AP Sports, New York