FIFA bans Canada forward Occean for 6 matches


ZURICH (AP) -- FIFA has ordered Canada forward Olivier Occean to serve a six-match ban after being sent off and then insulting the referee during a World Cup qualifier against Cuba.

Occean was sent off after a scuffle during Canada's 3-0 victory in Toronto last Oct. 12. Occean then was involved in "several acts of unsporting behavior and using offensive language toward match officials," FIFA said in a statement.

FIFA also ordered the 31-year-old Eintracht Frankfurt player to pay a total of 8,500 Swiss francs ($9,250) to cover a fine and costs of the proceedings. He can appeal the sanctions.

Occean served the first of his six-match sanction days after the incident, when Canada lost 8-1 against Honduras and was eliminated from the 2014 World Cup.

Occean must serve his ban at competitive matches, starting with the Gold Cup tournament in July.

The Canada-Cuba qualifier previously attracted headlines as three visiting players defected, leaving a squad of just 11 for the match.