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The Dark Heart Exposed

With all the howling over the outrageous comments of Mr. Trump there is one thing most people... More

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Slippery Slope

Burn the American flag; freedom of speech.  Display the gay flag; freedom of expression.  Display... More

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Let's Get Our Money's Worth

The call for a special session by the County Clerks over Gay people getting married is suposedly... More

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The End of Poverty in America

We can eliminate poverty here in America if we choose, we have both the tools and the wealth. ... More

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The Root Cause? Poverty!

There has been a lot of speculation about the current unrest over heavy handed police actions... More

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class reunion

The Franklin County High School class of 1965 will hold their 50 year reunion at the Frankfort... More

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Happy 4-20 to everyone!  Would be much happier in Kentucky if we could only move forward and... More

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