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The Lexington Herald-Leader's editorial cartoonist has put in a single drawn panel how ludicrous... More

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Don't privatize the Plaza

Everybody needs to slow down on this “privatizing” idea, because it’s a non-starter from the... More

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Heard they are making a sequel to the movie The Jerk.  Obama is starring as the sniper on the... More

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Cannabis Town Hall Meeting

What-- There will be an Informational Town Hall Meeting on Medical Marijuana. When-- 8... More

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Dem Presidential candidates debate on tv tonight (10/13).  To be informed and make good... More

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Law Enforcement Walk Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                                    ... More

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No Credibility

Seventy seven years after marijuana prohibition began with the claim it would turn people into... More

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Lowering Opioid Overdose Deaths

Kentucky is to receive 4 million dollars in Federal funding to combat opioid drug overdose... More

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UK vs. U of L Ice Hockey

On Friday, 9/18/15, the UK Cool Cats will open the 2015-2016 season against in-state rival... More

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Unbiased Opinion

It’s a legal issue, not religious persecution. By Brad Bowman, Published: September 8, 2015... More

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Wanna help the pillheads?

Plus, potato chip and pizza sales would go through the roof! More

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