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Register to Vote by October 6

The last day to register to vote or to make changes to your voter info is October 6 in order to... More

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Legendary Monterey Fair starts at 10.  Parade at noon (should be a good one!).  Cake walks at 1, ... More

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Garrett Morgans Safety Hood

In 1914, Garret Morgan from Paris Kentucky patented his breathing device which he referred to as... More

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Minimum Wage

Vote NO to any candidate running on just raise the minimum wage and the economy will be fixed.... More

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Let Us Finish The Work

A country as wealthy as America should not have a problem with poverty.  We should have a basic... More

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Israel or Illegals

Which is more important saving the lives of our great ally Israel or Illegals?  President Obama... More

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Fundraisers or Crisis

Lets see Benghazi or fundraiser? Uumm Border Crisis or fundraiser?  Ukraine/Russian crisis jet... More

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Bet you can't guess where the dept of justice learned about the missing emails?  Answer same... More

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Created Fake Crisis

So this border crisis is a surprise?  Then why was the government looking for a contractor back... More

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Hammer and Sickle II

Government doesnt like the kind of business you run.  Then they use Operation Choke Point to... More

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