Chivalrous Proposal from a Knight


On Friday morning, July 13, 2007, there was an unusual event outside the office of the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf & Hard of Hearing on Versailles Road in Frankfort. At least, unusual for Kentucky in this century!

When Executive Staff Interpreter, Rachel Morgan stepped outside the doors for her mid morning break, she was taken aback by the sight of a medieval knight in full armor standing alongside the famous DeaFestival horse mounted in front of the office. What a colorful gallant steed, indeed!

She was further surprised when the knight approached her and lifted his face plate to reveal his identity. It turns out that this valiant knight was Larry Perkins. Sir Larry presented her with a bouquet of flowers and proceeded to get down on bended knee to present her with a diamond and a proposal of marriage.

Of course, the fair Lady Rachel accepted.

Details of the wedding have not yet been released, but you can be assured it will be interesting.

Story by Anita Dowd and Jim Lane

Photo by Jim Lane

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