When felonies are permitted


Some business's are allowed to commit felonies against the people of this state. They are allowed to sell mobile homes that are in very poor condition, molded and rotten floors and walls, water lines on top of the ground, homes that have not been inspected or approved to be safe to live in (KRS 227.600). When you buy one of these homes, they refuse to transfer legal ownership, title transfer in county clerks office as required by state law (KRS 186A.215 & KRS 186A.115), however in order to save the fees due to the state during this process, they have conspired with the Scott county PVA's office to just have the tax records illegally transfered into your name without having any legal documents, or the approval of the county clerks office (KRS 132.480), or the title itself. This in itself is federal Conspiracy crime (One reason I say federal since one participant is a government employee at work, KRS 519.060, KRS 522.020, KRS 519.020) Then they voluntary give this false information to the sheriff's office for tax collection, on a home that you are not allowed to legally own, and to ensure that they don't have to pay any taxes on property that they had properly obtained (KRS 376.480), year after year after year!!. The first three years I complained usually once a month. After about three years or so, I was told that they didn't have the title, wasn't going to look for the title, and didn't want to hear anything from me about it again, they had the tax records transfered into my name and that was all I was ever going to get, if I complained again they would show me why they did things this way and take everything I had, sell it to someone else, since they could transfer the tax records and erase my ownership, and I would lose everything including the money I had paid and the deposits. They have a sign on their office wall stating that the security deposit you pay will never in any way be re-paid (refer to KRS 383.580). Then they told me if I didn't keep my rent up, they would have the sheriff's office escort me from the property, as I had seen them do to others. Then I was told to leave the office, or I would be arrested. This is highly illegal, when I tried to call the scott county officials office, in order to file charges and to seek damages owed to me, they agreed on the phone that it was highly illegal to do such business activity and wanted to take my information over the phone in order to expidite the paperwork process. I then gave them my information and proceeded to give them they information about the business, they stopped me after I told them the name of the business and told me they didn't allow charges to be filed against this particular business. I asked why it was highly illegal one minute and allowed for some the next, she replied that I should have known better than to do business with someone like them and if I didn't know better then I deserved to be done this way and would know to do business with someone who do it legally next time. This business has been allowed to commit these and other felonies for many years. Seven years that I have been here, suffering monthly financial damages and harassment(such as having rules enforced on me that no-one else has to abide by) from the landlord and the neighbors when I complain, and they have done so for many years before that on another home that they made into a double-wide and is a fire hazard based on the electrical wiring alone, and many others that neither I nor anyone else will ever know about. They have persisted in committing these felonies year after year, family after family, having you pay their taxes on property they never intended on giving you legal ownership or possession of unless your followed their rules and regulations and did alot of their responsibilities when it came to the upkeep of the MHP. Such as street maintenance, clean water and notices to boil water- brown water is not safe to shower, bath, brush your teeth with, or wash dishes with, proper upkeep of the trees- which are considered to be a permanent non mobile item and therefore are the responsibility of the landlord same as the streets and the street lamps. WHY are they allowed to do this against people who can't afford a lawyer? WHY are they allowed to do this to anyone? WHERE is a good lawyer when you need one? Keep in mind I have proof this has happened along with witnesses, and pictures. There are alot of people in and around central Kentucky that this has happened to, any lawyers out there interested in a easy lawsuit? I have a list of harassments, threats made towards me for complaining, and damages that total over 2.5 million in damages as of this date.

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