City Comission Meeting tonight


The city commission will be meeting tonight at 5:30 to determine the fate of the Noonan Building at 2nd and Shelby. The comission voted last meeting to hold off on the contract until October 12, and wait for a private buyer. A private buyer had come forward before the deadline however the Mayor has been under pressure from Commissioner Williams, Rob Moore; city solicitor, and Tony Massey; city manager, to sign the contract to move forward with the purchase of the building. If the city moves forward with the purchase, the building will be demolished, and the entire property will be used for surface parking.

I URGE you to show up at the commission meeting at 5:30 tonight at city hall. Park in the back parking lot, and go through the back door. Let's show up in droves, and let our voices be heard! It's the interests of citizens that the Commission should work towards, not their own.

Also, if you haven't already, email the city commission and ask them to rescind the contract. Email addresses for the commission are at the city's webpage at http://frankfort-ky....,12/

Email is great, but if you have the time, a personal phone call to each is even better.

Even if you can't show, at least email or call to voice your opinion.

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