Greenwell to take time away from Campaign


Greenwell to take time away from Campaign

Frankfort, Kentucky -- Linda Greenwell, Candidate for the Commonwealth's Auditor of Public Accounts, was notified late last week that her ailing mother was hospitalized at Jewish Hospital in Louisville. Her eighty-six year old mother was hospitalized with pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Doctors at Jewish Hospital informed Mrs. Greenwell there is nothing more they can do for her mother but make her comfortable. Her conditions will only worsen and things will not improve.

Ms. Greenwell released the following statement: "My mother is alert and mentally competent. She is aware when I am not at her bedside and I intend to spend as much time with my mother as possible. This is my Mother, much more important to me than a political campaign. I am sure that voters understand that situations like this do occur and would expect me to be with Mother during this time. I have been in touch with my county contacts who assure me they will continue campaign efforts on my behalf"

Greenwell will not be on the campaign trail until further notice. Notes of support and prayer can be sent to her email address at:

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