School system failure


My name is Shawne Scott and I have a son who attends Foley Middle School in Berea, and I was told a couple of days ago by Karen Frohoff(Director of special needs dept.) that for the next two school years my son would have to be put on a bus and sent to Madison Central High School in Richmond, nearly 30 miles away not including the mileage for stops to pick up other children, because there will not be a FMD (functional mentally disabled) unit in place at Madison Southern. This has made me and several other parents outraged with the system, what has to happen in order for these students to be able to attend the high school which is located next to the middle school? It seems to me that this is discrimination, just because these children are different doesn't mean we can put them in another school in another town and distant them from the rest of the school. My son has come to know several students in the middle school and he is well liked and he also likes to go to school there. And now they want him to start all over getting to know the staff and students for 2 years! I just don't understand why there are 5 FMD classrooms at Madison Central and not one at Madison Southern. They knew that when our children started middle school there that they would need to have a classroom for them at Southern. Sounds to me like the administration doesn't want these children in there school, but they allow "troubled" kids to come back from Central to Southern. My child has every right to attend Madison Southern and it just doesn't seem fair.

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