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Lottery winners

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) " Here are Sunday's winning numbers selected by the Kentucky Lottery:

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State Turnover

When Gov. Steve Beshear was sworn into office, the state's personnel roster listed 33,889 full-time employees on the payroll.

As of Feb. 18, there were 33,816 on that list, according to records provided to The State Journal by the state personnel department. The State Journal will update weekly a list of those joining and leaving state government.

Here's a look at who joined and who left state government from Feb. 18 to 22.


General Government Cabinet

Department Of Veterans Affairs

Angela K. Halcomb, Food Service Worker, $1,659.67/mo.

Jennifer L. Combs, Nurse Aide State Registered, $1,932.67/mo.

Mary A. Whitfield, Registered Nurse, $3,749.03/mo.

Transportation Cabinet

Department Of Governmental Relations

Tiffani C. Jackson, Transportation Engineering Technician, $3,500.02/mo.

Commerce Cabinet

Kentucky Department Of Parks and Recreation

Alvin D. Harris, Park Chef, $2,686.67/mo.

Bobby W. Fite, Park Worker, $1,711.15/mo.

Patricia C. Robbins, Park Worker, $1,717.21/mo.

Education Cabinet

Education Professional Standard

Carla A. Graham, Administrative Specialist, $3,158.50/mo.

Department For Workforce Investment

Nathaniel Kent, Workforce Development Specialist, $2,006.08/mo.

Enviromental and Public Property Cabinet

Office Of The Secretary

James A. Mackenzie, Staff Attorney Manager/Assistant, $7,166.66/mo.

Reuben V. Murphy, Executive Director, $7,941.68/mo.

Health and Family services cabinet

Department For Community Based Action

Jaliah C. Day-Klaiber, Social Service Worker, $2,803.72/mo.

Commission For Children With Special Needs

Rebecca L. Christy, Office Support Assistant, $1,990.38/mo.

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet

Department Of Juvenile Justice

Alan J. Jeter, Youth Worker, $2,042.78/mo.

Brannon T. Hill, Youth Worker, $1,945.50/mo.

Daniel K. Mcglothen, Youth Worker, $2,042.78/mo.

Nicholas A. Dickerson, Correctional Officer, $2,042.78/mo.


Commerce Cabinet

Kentucky Department Of Parks and Recreation

Carey M. Tichenor, Division Director, $5,583.34/mo.

Transportation Cabinet

Department Of Highways

Joseph W. Gossage, Transportation Engineer, $3,816.76/mo.

Office Of The Secretary

Marvin Young, Photographer, $2,923.38/mo.

Department Of Tourism

Kevin M. Nuss, Executive Director, $7,500/mo.

General Government Cabinet

Department Of Veterans Affairs

Jennifer J. Hale, Maintenance Worker, $1,462.07/mo.

Timothy L. Allen, Nurse Aide State Registered, $1,646.67/mo.

Andrew H. Wells, Nurse Aide State Registered, $1,646.67/mo.

Sharon Y. Johnson, Nurse Aide State Registered, $1,646.67/mo.

Amy J. Jones, Licensed Practical Nurse, $2,513.33/mo.

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