Thanks to the FPD for a great 4th of july in south


i just really want to send out a special thanks to all 35 of the Frankfort Police officers that took part in the 4th of July south frankfort lock down. they started their shift early around 8 o'clock and they refused to leave despite there being not one soul on Murray st. from Second all the way to Todd. It started off good for the little kids in the neighborhood, just like the 4th should be, the sounds of big fireworks across the city , smoke filling the air smelling like fresh wick being lit, and the sparkling light from the fireworks up and down the streets. this all came to a rough ending when "frankforts Finest" came riding, walking, driving, and rolling through with the patty wagon. They told the kids that if the fireworks made noise then they where illegal and could be lit off anywhere and if they continued to hear or see them then they could take all fireworks around. Even as people on East main shot off fireworks over the river and people across capital ave. and across the river they lit fireworks with big booms and bright flashes. the police had the nerve to tell the kids that asked "why can they light fireworks but we cant?" That "those people have permits". So on went i very very silent night in south frankfort, all you would see where the sparklers from 2 or 3 kids sitting on the side walk, watching the fireworks in the air from a distance. In all the hours of time police walked up and down Murray st. rode their bikes, drove the car and parked the wagon, they even got so bored they where walking through 5foot bushes hoping to jump out and catch someone lighting and illegal firework, they got one pillow case of fireworks from a couple in the park, THATS ALL. While they could of been out looking for drunk drivers, or actually stopping people from lighting fireworks and starting fires, they felt the need to stay on Murray st. until 1am talking to each other on the sidewalk and taking pictures of a very empty street. Thanks again to "The Firework Cops"

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