Scott County Transfer


In Kentucky, if a mobile home is on a piece of property on a foundation and without the axles and wheels still installed under it, that is set-up permantely on that property, then it is part of that property and can be transferred as part of that property without using a title transfer in the county clerk's office. However the deed on the land itself still has to be filed on the property as the law requires. In Scott county, Spindletop MOBILE Home Park, is allowed to temporarily transfer the taxes on homes they have sold without first filing the title transfer in the county clerk's office as the law requires when a mobile home is still mobile, set-up temporarily with the axles and wheels still installed underneath, so the mobile home can be moved quickly if needed. This allows them to take a home back, at will, free of charge, on any mobile home they have sold in this manner, and re-sell it to someone else without refunding the previous owners purchase price, or any of the lot rent they were forced to stay and pay because the family had no way to sell the mobile home or transfer it, because they were refused a legal ownership transfer as they agreed to do with the park when a home is purchased. This is in violation of state law that requires the title to be transferred in the county clerk's office before the taxes can be transferred into a new owners name. They however have managed to get this accomplished with a mere phone call to a friend in the PVA's office, and have any home transferred into virtually anyone's name, with or without their approval. This has thus allowed them to go as far as selling homes that they do not own, or ever had any intention of legally transferring the title, some that they merely used a photo copy of a title to make people think they owned it, and some that are un-safe for families to live in because of health and safety reasons. This has also allowed them to ensure that they keep people there, since to leave the mobile home park the family will lose all the deposits, the park has a policy that no deposits are ever refunded under any circumstances, not to mention the threat of losing personal property if the park decides to take their belongings for rent they still want to receive. Since the park is the only ones in the state that can transfer the taxes with a mere phone call, they can use the tax records that they leave in that person's name to show that family still owes them for lot rent on that home. Since Spindletop has the assisstance of the PVA which let's them make the phony tax transfers, the sheriff's office to enforce their rules and collect the illegally transferred taxes, and the county attorney who claims the MOBILE homes are set-up permantely on a foundation without the axles and wheels, (when in fact the mobile homes are only set-up temporarily and are required by the park to leave the axles and wheels in place so they can be moved with as little hassle as possible and are thus still mobile homes that require the title to be first transferred with the county clerk before any taxes can be legally transferred a new owners name), so they allow this illegal transfer of property taxes and refuse to let anyone file charges against the MOBILE home park.

Please feel free to verify this mobile home title transfer procedure with the county clerk of your choice.

Bourbon County Clerk's office 987-2624

Clark county clerk's office 737-7281

Jessamine county clerk's office 885-4161

Fayette county Clerk's office 253-3344

Montgomery County Clerk's office 498-8700

Powell County Clerk's office 606-663-6444

Scott County Clerk's office 502-863-7875

Woodfard County Clerk's office 873-3711

Scott county attorney 502-863-7870

This doesn't even begin to cover the health issues from where Spindletop MHP has never been forced, as state regulations require, to ensure a healthy enviroment for families to live in and around without the threat of having their health put at risk so the park could save money. A simple soil test in most front yards (test the soil in my front yard) will show that kids or adults could have their health at risk from MRSA, hystoplasmosis, west nile, and possibly many other diseases from the massive bird infestation that was allowed to saturate the homes and the ground with massive amounts of wild animal manure for many years.

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