101st Airborne Visits Lawrenceburg


For Immediate Release

The 101st Airborne visited Lawrenceburg today- and Lawrenceburg author and travel writer, Sicily Yoder, was able to visit with the 12-tank team at West Park Shopping Center. Sicily was amazed at their warmness and cheerfullness as they talked about serving overseas, and about some of their future redeployment this year. One of the soldiers noticed a paper cup that someone had pitched in Lee's Famous Recipe parking lot, and made it her responsibility to pick it up. "I could really telll they were enjoying their visit", said Yoder as she toured the oversized trucks.

Attached you will find some of the soldiers posing for Yoder, next to one of their trucks. Two mechanics, who posed for Yoder in one of the photos, service the fleet "They go about 40 miles an hour", said one soldier, as he asked how far Richmond, Kentucky was, as they were due in there by nightfall. The team will be spending a week at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Richmond. The crew said that it had taken them eight hours to get to Lawrenceburg. Yoder, who is scheduled as a featured author at Humanities Tennessee's Southern Festival of Books, on Nashville's capitol lawn's cooking stage, said that she would be thinking about them on her trip down Martha Layne Collin's Bluegrass Parkway this week, when she travels the route down to Music City. "I have always seen them on the parkway, and always wave", she said as she leaned against one of the tanks, "it was really a pleasure to get to meet some of the soldiers whom I prayed for when the war photos were constantly on television. " Yoder's nephew, Jason Matthew Taylor,guarded The Healing Wall, when it was at Centre College, and her stepdad, Lonnie Wilson served in Vietnem. Her brother-in-law just returned from Kuwait. "Like our wonderful editor at The Anderson News", I have a soft spot in my heart for the military."

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