Steve B and Ernie F Both Smell The Same Now!


As a long time resident of Frankfort, I have seen the government grow to a size that is breaking the state. Preventing the growth of the business economy in Kentucky. Every time we elect a new governor he/she let's big business run the state and not the will of the people. I ask why don't businesses relocate in Kentucky, and the answer is if you are in, you're in. If not it is too expensive to move to Kentucky for you and your employees as a larger business.

I have found a man who might be willing to run for governor who understands the state needs to worry with the states economy and not worry with national issues. He had a great plan the last time has ran and he still have bright ideas, like tax breaks for corporations willing to bring jobs to the poorer parts of Kentucky. A state energy tax on businesses not located in Kentucky but removing energy stores from the state, to promote these businesses moving to our state. Best of all he supports down sizing Frankfort's state work force therefor allowing the discontinuation of the state income tax. Removing the personal income tax would allow businesses to move to Kentucky to shelter upper management and owners from income taxes on the state level.

He also has a plan to ease the medical costs to everyone. His plan is a multifaceted plan that allows the free market approach to lowered health care costs. This plan would lower the health costs to families and to lower income earners in our state. It would also boost the quality of care you get for your money. I know you are thinking why haven't I heard of him, you have, but you ignored him because of a one sided media in our state and the lack of respect for free thinkers.

Tally for Steve B=0 Tally for Ernie F=0 and yet you wasted your vote on both with the thought of change....yeah right what changed? I am a subscriber to the two piles, same stuff look at Republicans and Democrats both, what did either party real do for you? Think hard about that.

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