Frankfort's Finest at "Their Best"


Frankfort police aprehended a suspect today on Meredith Ave. I was working inside when I heard sirens and loud voices around the neighborhood. I emerged from my home to see police officers chasing a male suspect through the yards that back up from Myrtle Ave to Meredith Ave. A local resident helped point police in the direction of the suspect. Officers in squad cars were circling the area in the attempt to corral the suspect. The neighborhood was crawling with police. Officers apprehended the suspect after a search behind a home on Meredith Ave. It is unknown to me at this time what prompted the chase. There were 8-10 officers on hand for the arrest. One officer received a cut on his hand, and I assume sought his own treatment. Police were searching the area for anything the suspect could have dropped or thrown during the footchase. Officers were very professional in handling the situation. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any photos or video of the event.

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