Frankfort Plant Board-Isolated Incident???


Curious to know if others are having issues with Frankfort Plant Board?

My brother in law had the surprise of his life earlier this week. A knock at the door and a representative of FPB demanding immediate payment for a bill that was three months deliquent. The representative said he would not leave until payment had been made. My Brother in Law told him the bill had been paid and told him to contact the company that he was not giving him any additional money.

After a phone call to the FPB office, he was told he was correct. The bill was not only paid, but FPB had continued to charge them for local telephone after they cancelled the service 3 months ago and they actually had a balance.

I know there were billing issues back in the summer as well, but they have had plenty of time to correct the issue and should not be harrassing their customers unnecessarily.

Each month their bill is not even received until AFTER the due day, generally the 16th or 17th of each month, when the bill is due by the 15th.

Do they think they can do whatever they want because they have a sure thing?

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