Governor's Policy Advisors Break Kentucky


The current governor has over 70 policy advisers at last count making somewhere in the neighborhood of $75000 each for a total of $5.25 mil in expenses not including benefits. Here is were the math gets strange, he is paying them to tell him what Mr. Galbraith, who ran against him going on 2 years ago was saying the whole time. Maybe some of us poor simple folk should extend to the current governor some common sense, fire anyone not needed for the basic function of government. Fire the thirty secretaries, fire the private security detail, fire the cook at the mansion, fire anyone who is not needed for basic function. Next remove all corporate taxes in the state and advertising outside the state no corporate taxes in the state. This will bring in new jobs which equal new tax revenues. Cut out all the public safety advertising on TV and radio and instead put up simple billboards, do not rent them. Now for the kicker fully legalized hemp and remove all restrictions. The fiber form in Toyota and Ford products is hemp. Allow the farmer to raise hemp to keep some of the $300 million a year Toyota and Ford spend in Canada on hemp. Also a by product which is now needed is Diesel. There I just solved most of the issues in one post. The only people who will complain about this will be state employees and people not in touch with the outside world other than what they see on TV. Government doesn't need to be so big it's a waste of tax dollars. The state police need to be freed of fighting marijuana so they can bring the fight against prescription drugs on to center stage. I wouldn't legalize marijuana fully but I would make 4 oz's and/or 8 plants of marijuana legal for all. To cut bootlegging and illegal prescription trade out of rural counties I would make all of KY completely wet which would put the main hub of prescription drugs, bootleggers out of business, but I am not the governor and the police are doing such a knock down job at it. Well I am just one man writing about things that would lower the costs of operation enough that the state could stay on it's feet.

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