Twitter - Suggestion for schools and government


I couldn't think of an easier way, without making a lot of phone calls, to get this to the decision makers of Frankfort and Franklin County governments and the school systems. There is a new communication method sweeping the internet. It's called Twitter. The link is .

Twitter works like this. You find people or interests using the search feature. If you have an interest in that ID, you click on the "follow" me tag. Anything that person types in is sent to "followers" via SMS (text) message or can be viewed on your Twitter on-line account.

My suggestion to the city, county, and private school systems and city and county governments is to create ID's so the people who have an interest in that ID can "follow" it. For example, the county school system creates an ID. Any announcements, school closings, basketball scores can be posted by the ID's owner and all people who are "following" that ID will instantly get the message. Each individual school does the same thing etc. Whether it's one person or 20,000, all get the message.

Anyone who creates a Twitter ID and uses text on their phone or has a computer with an internet connection will receive these messages. This eliminates the need for huge email lists. This eliminates email list updates. At this moment, President-elect Barack Obama has 154,328 "followers. I hope the various government and school systems utilize this technology. This service is free and very easy to use.

Craig Blanton

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