ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Kentuckians turned out for the Kentucky Tea Party on Saturday in Lexington to show their disgust at government spending and ruinous fiscal policies. This followed in the wake of the Tea Party in Cincinnati which drew FIVE THOUSAND people to Fountain Square. And yet the State Journal, the Lexington Herald and the Courier Journal told you NOTHING about it. Not one word was printed, not one photograph appeared on their pages about an event which has galvanized tens of thousands of American citizens across the nation
Had it been illegal aliens demonstrating for more free health care at your expense, they'd have been there. Had it been an anti-war Bush-bashing that only drew 50 people it would have been front page news! But because it was ordinary people, Kentucky citizens who were showing their outrage at the fiscal madness now being foisted on us, the media perpetrated an outrage of their own and COMPLETELY IGNORED IT
And they wonder why newspapers are going belly up all across the land?

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