Celebrity Chef Gets a Surprise in Frankfort


Celebrity chef and Lawrenceburg native, Sicily Yoder, has toured Frankfort several times, and even taught a cooking class there. However, she wasn't prepared for her recent trip, on what seemed like a normal Friday morning. She got a phone call, asking if she was home, in Kentucky. The normal husky, National Guardsman on the other end, who is her nephew and former foster son, was excited to tell her that she was both, a great-aunt and a great-grandma. "I just passed Boone National Guard, and hoped for God to bring me my baby boy and keep both father and son safe, as I just knew he would want to be a soldier like his father", Sicily said as she drove down toward Capital Plaza. "Prayers in Frankfort...they still work well."

Baby Jason Rome Tinsley Taylor has gotten worldwide attention on Sicily's Official Myspace page at www.myspace.com/sicilyyoder, where Sicily had previously posted photos of his father, guarding The Healing Wall that was at Centre College last year. Tinsley was Sicily's father's middle name, and he once resided in the West Side of Frankfort.

Baby Jason Rome Tinsley and his parents are making their new home in Taylorsville, Kentucky. His father and uncle Dennis Cantrell, who works at the Boone National Guard in the hanger section, can be found hanging out in Frankfort alot. Sicily's stepdad served in vietnam, and her grandfather served two years in Germany. Her grandma was a Practical Nurse in the Navy. Of course, little Jason Rome Tinsley's first outfit from great-aunt and great-grandma was an army outfit.
"I was a little upset to have the world know that I turned fourty years-old on May 28th, from www.famousbirthdays.com, but now I feel so blessed to be fourty, healthy, and have such a blessing", said Sicily at the hospital as she held the newborn. "And Andrew and Andrea are expecting a baby boy, too, in June, so I will have two little ones to play football for KSU or EKU!" Sicily attended both Universities in the early nineties.

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