Theft Suspect Arrested on Schenkel Lane-04/01/09


It was a beautiful morning in Frankfort on Wednesday. A good day to go out and do some home improvement. That's what two Schenkel Lane residents thought when they were approached by a man in a "Home Improvement" van, asking if there was anything he could do for them to earn some money. As the first resident was showing him what to do to earn his keep, he asked to use her restroom. She obliged. Not knowing that when the man exited her home, a sharp eyed neighbor saw the man taking prescription bottles from his pocket and putting them in his van. This neighbor immediately dialed 911. The suspect then approached the house next door asking for work. It is not clear what the suspect did for this resident, but as he approached the residents door a second time, Frankfort Police arrived at the scene and took James T Purvis into custody. A search of his van revealed presciption drugs belonging to the first resident. It is not known what charges he faces at this time. However, I understand he was in custody at the Franklin County Regional Jail this afternoon
As a Note to Frankfort Residents and "especially the elderly". Be "very" careful if you are approached by people going door to door looking for work. As there are reputable people out there doing this, there are those who are up to no good.

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