Funeral Processions: Lack Respect or Knowledge?


Why do people continue on with their daily errands when a funeral procession passes by? Do they not realize that the Kentucky law requires you to stop and not illuminate your cars headlights? That might be the reason why people fail to pull over and stop completely or why people try to pass or merge with the procession. I'm sure a long funeral procession could set you back on your time but did you ever think about the people who are in the cars following the hearse? I'm sure those people would also prefer to be doing something other than attending the funeral and burial of a loved one.

Just this Saturday I attended a funeral. The funeral of a man named Jim Crouse, or to me Uncle Jimmy. This was not just any old funeral but one of a man that served his country as a Marine. He also served his county as a Sheriff Deputy. This man unselfishly donated a kidney to his sick sister, saving her life. He fought a long battle against a rare cancer. He received research treatment that will help millions of people around the world. He also gave religiously to St. Jude cancer research because he said he couldn't imagine a child going through what he has. These are just a couple things that made Uncle Jimmy great. He was no doubt a magnificent man.

After a beautiful service this past Saturday, Uncle Jimmy's coffin was draped in an American flag and placed in the hearse at St. Francis de Sales Church on Georgetown Rd that was going to take the short trip to Sunset Memorial where a grave side service was to be held. Because Uncle Jimmy was such a grand man who influenced many people, his funeral procession was very long. It had an abnormal amount of flashing lights, perhaps due to his long career as a Sheriff Deputy. However, with all those lights we still had many people merge with the procession. I don't know how anyone could have not seen that this long line of cars was traveling with a purpose. A tour bus merged with the procession and many more people continued driving on the shoulder at a slower rate of speed. I was told by another family member that someone was arrested for merging with the procession. Had that person known about the Kentucky law regarding funeral processions, I'm sure that wouldn't have happened.

So today I'm writing this to inform everyone in Frankfort of the law which they can find on the Herald Leaders web site located at the following address

Maybe the next time you see a funeral procession you'll stop and think, "Do I want to get arrested today?" Or better yet, think about the family that just lost a loved one. Maybe that person on their way to their final resting place was a great person and will be missed dearly. Think about yourself and how sad you would be if your loved one just lost their life. Show that family some respect and stop on the side of the road and turn off your headlights. If your car lights are on when your car is running, turn the car off. Let your friends know that if they don't, they just might get arrested.

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