Poor reporting in Frankfort makes the news!


In another case of unprofessional Frankfort news reporting, read as follows:

"Anthony Presley, who when he worked as a state security guard was accused of claiming to be a Kentucky State Police trooper, has pleaded innocent to charges of impersonation."

How many times have we seen a "journalist," a person (in this case Paul Glasser) whom supposedly should have a college degree and a rudimentally sound knowledge our criminal justice system, state that a person pled "innocent?"

If you were quoting a person, it would be a misquote. In the United States, our criminal justice system is an "innocent until proven guilty" rather than the Napoleanic "guilty until proven innocent." Therefore, a plea can only be entered as "guilty" or "not guilty" in a United States court of law.

I have seen this error too many times to count since moving to Frankfort, and wish that there was someone at the State-Journal whom would hold the professionals there we call "journalists" accountable for fair and accurate reporting.

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