A letter to the City Commission


As a concerned citizen of this fine city, I'm retired and living on a fixed income, well within my means. I'm not hurting yet, and I'd like to see where my tax dollars are going. In these trying economic times, we all need to be watchdogs, and I'm starting with the City, May not be able to do anything about it, However, I can yell, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". First the Water/Sewer hikes, then my property taxes,city/county school taxes, cable fees, and now a garbage tax, Give me a break, Please Stop the spending. I have some ideas how to save, However, it takes some thinking out of the box, and no one wants to do that, might up set the constitutes. What is particularly exasperating about bureaucracy is you can never put a face, or a name to the logjam. That's because the genius of bureaucracy is it's never one person's fault -- it's everyone's. It's ineptitude in its most socialistic form. Whenever you walk into a store that proudly stresses teamwork, save yourself some time and money and just back your naked a$$ up to the ream-a-tron. This $60.00 fee is just another bend over grab your ankles and hope Barney Frank isn't behind you. Not sure who's on the counsel that resembles that remark, However, I'm sure someone is looking in the mirror. Put the city before your job and balance the city budget with cuts and not more fees that are taking a toll on more than just me. Over the last 2yrs. tax and spend has gone up in this town ( 10% ), and my paycheck went up ( 1.2% ), something is not right about this.



Here's a thought, a little thinking out of the box. How about instead of collecting once a week, make a schedule for a once every 10 day collections.

So folks will have to hold the trash for 3 extra days, Just figure the savings, in fuel and the wear & tear on the trucks. The fleet would virtually be off the road for a week. Your only collecting 3 times a month instead of 4. Under my suggestion the days would become dates. i.e. Tues would become the 10th,20th &30th Wed the 11th, 21st,31st or 1st. Thur 12th, 22nd &the 2nd. Fri. 13th, 23rd, & the 3rd. Put one of those smart budget people to work on this one. Just to put another perspective on my Idea, that one week a month adds up to 12 weeks that's 3 months, Fully one quarter of the now present budget. Of the $1,517,032 budget for sanitation, personnel service & benefits = $812.332. Not touched. That leaves a balance of $704,700 for contracts, material, supplies and equipment, and if this part of the budget is fuel, wear & tear, then, My plan could in fact save $180.000.00 give or take.


Take a look at Juniper Hills, How many people use the golf course? Golf is a rich or wealthy man's/women's leisure.


There budget is $779,170.00, Best I can tell receipts are around $200,000.00, The golf cart rental brings in around $175,000.00. That is a total of $375,000.00 leaving a shortfall of $424,000.00


Page 98, your spending $124,450 on equipment, like golf carts, and building maintenance, fencing. ect.


Page 99, another $15,000.00 for the volleyball courts, We're spending this kind of money on the big play ground in the sky.


not to mention page 56, 4 employees divided buy budget, they earn on average $70,000.00 each. excuse me!!!!!!!! $70,000.00 for playing in the sun.


Parks department on page 60, $669,550 divided by 9, on average salary of $63,000.00+ each. you do the math. can someone please explain or justify these salary.


It's time to stop the spending, If you charge us $5.00 a month or $60.00 a year, will you revoke this charge when the economy recovers? I think not. Just another way to expand unlimited spending. This charge should be a sunset, and put on a ballot. STOP THE F#$%ING SPENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your spending my money,, How about sending me your credit card #. I promise, I'll spend wisely, and my pledge to you, is that my siblings and grandchildren will pay you back. Sure you'll have to cut back a little, However, The salary I'm paying you on top of your day job, you'll not be hurting as much as many. These carrier politician go figure. (sorry thinking out loud).

I've said it before, I'll say again, Why do we always talk about how to "RAISE TAXES" and not how to "CURVE SPENDING"?

I know none of this will do any good this year, the budget is spent, I just hope someone will heed and read, and maybe, just maybe make some adjustments to the budget for 09-10.


Jerry a concerned citizen.

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