Students save Police Department over $15k


As a rule, high school boys don't like getting involved with the police. The students at the Franklin County Career and Technical Center don't always follow the rules however.
When the Frankfort Police Department needed help with some equipment at its shooting range, carpentry and welding students stepped in to help. The department installed a new moving target system, but needed a shield to protect the mechanism. "We looked at having one installed, but it was going to cost over $20,000," said Capt. Jeff Abrams. That's when he decided to check with welding instructor Randy Shewmaker at the CTC.
After talking it over with Abrams and FPD Training Instructor Todd Smither, Shewmaker decided it was a project his students could do. "You can only learn so much in the shop," he explained. "This was an opportunity for them to have to draw up plans, figure out material needs and put together a finished project." In addition, according to Shewmaker, working on a project like this would give the students the opportunity to see how they would have to make adjustments when faced with on-site problems. "Things don't always go the way you plan them and you have to learn how to adapt,"
As predicted, adjustments had to be made, but by the end of a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Frankfort Police Department had their shield at a savings of well over $15,000.
In addition to the shield, J.W. Blackburn's carpentry students built two storage sheds for the department to store supplies.

Students who worked on installing the shield were: T.C. Clay, Bradley Akers, Evan Sandlin, John Cummins, Shawn Tracy, Kyle Shupert and CTC graduate Landon Mefford.

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