Over twenty five years ago, I attended my first dance recital. My daughter was showing what she'd been taught by The Capital City Dance Studios. The presentation was rather meager and left me anxious to go home.
This past Saturday night, at a standing room only show, I attended my granddaughter's recital. The difference in the presentations has crossed the threshold from an ordinary recital to a professional production designed to allow each student to shine.
WOW! What a show!! The music had the audience tapping their feet while enthusiastically awaiting each new presentation. The look on the faces of the dancers and the audience showed that both were simply having a ball.
The studio's production of "Grease" had the audience on the edge of their seats taking in every move. From wonderful live singing to dancing in the audience, this production was light years from those simple days many years ago.
The fabulous performances by Will Gohegan and the large number of performances he participated in absolutely boggle the mind. How could one person possibly remember all those movesall the timing? Gohegan did so with consistency and class.
The dance studio is celebrating its fortieth year in existence. Started in 1969 by Gina Tincher, the reigns have passed to her daughter, Laurie Tincher-Meyers. The future looks bright as the school of dance continues to grow every year.
The Capital City Dance Studios is no longer a small time dance studio. With commitment, patience and love, the staff of sixteen instructors and a host of assistants, teach each child to enjoy the fun of dancing and aspire to bigger and more elaborate performances.
If you weren't there Saturday night, you really missed a treat!

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