Is Growth Good for Frankfort?


Must read - Fiscal Court,all P&Z members and Planning Directors

How many empty subdivisions along US 60 do we need?

Frankfort/Franklin County is not expected to increase in population in the next 10 years.

Why do gov't officials keep approving more subdivisions? Where are the people coming from? Who will purchase/rent the apartments being built in the new shopping center by I-64 East? Who would want to listen to the noise from cars and Semi's or breathe the air pollution so close to the source?

We already have two empty subdivisions on US 60.
Do we need another?

Or we can keep approving housing developments and end up like a smaller version of Flint Michigan.

Here is an excerpt:
But Mr Kildee, who has lived there nearly all his life, said he had first to overcome a deeply ingrained American cultural mindset that "big is good" and that cities should sprawl " Flint covers 34 square miles.

He said: "The obsession with growth is sadly a very American thing. Across the US, there's an assumption that all development is good, that if communities are growing they are successful. If they're shrinking, they're failing."

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