Frankfort Veteranarians? Are you kidding me?


If your pet has to be taken to the Vet after 5 or 6 o'clock, please go ahead and take them to Lexington.......The reason? You might ask! If you can't make it to Lex to care for your badly injured pets, you may as well put a bullet in their head and get it over with! My pet and I had a terrible accident and there was not a vet here in this town that would take care if it. I drove franticly to each and every vet in this town and not a single one was open, or would let me in. I called all the emergency numbers and I never received a call back from any of them. Oh, and the one I liked the most was the lady out at Dr Massie's office. When I got to the door and told her it was an emergency, and she didn't do a damn thing. She never offered to call Dr Massie or anything. I had to beg her for the emergency number! She did absolutely nothing and of course, I never got a call back from Massie. I never got a call back from Dr Mangins office either. What in the hell do you go to VET SCHOOL to do anyway? If you can't answer an emergency call, what good are you? I guess we should schedule our pets to be sick or injured during working hours! That is if you are ever open to begin with. Vets seem to have better working hours than bankers. They may as well designate themselves as part time employees. I ended up having to take the poor thing to Lexington, where it died. Something could have been done sooner if there was a vet in this town that cared. I am so mad and upset over this, I can't see or think straight! If it had had VET care when it needed it, it would have lived most likely. That's what Lex told me. I am DONE with the crappy services in this town. We have everything you would want here, but we don't have emergency vet care! I wish to thank the lady at Dr Massies office for her "cold" care that she took when she could see I was desperate for my pet's life! She acted like she couldn't give a damn about me or my pet! I will remember that. If I keep any of my other pets, then I will just have to accept the fact that I will have to take them to Lex for VET care. We have cried all we can... This is bulls**t!!!!!!!!! The photo you see below is all I have to remember my little kitty, but guess who doesn't care! RIP little guy, you will be missed. We love you...

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