Booster Clubs for Academics


We have booster clubs for high school baseball, basketball, football, girls softball, golf, band, etc All these groups of parents work their rumps off to help their children's extracurricular activities. The booster clubs hold golf tournaments, bake sales, bingo events, anything to raise money to pay for uniforms, score boards and fields of play and gear. Local businesses donate all kinds of items for sale or outright donations of money. This is great for the teams and band.

I have a novel idea, why don't we start academic booster clubs. We've all read how teachers have to fund items for their classrooms. Well... that's total crap. There are not enough text books for our kids to bring home to study. Not enough computers for the classrooms. The air conditioners don't work in the spring and early summer and heating doesn't work well in the winter. All these lead to poor learning environments.

Instead of our heating and air conditioning repair companies donating cash to various clubs, how about donating manpower and parts to repairing our school infrastructure?

Instead of plumbing companies donating cash to various clubs, fix the plumbing.

Other companies can donate money to buy additional math and science textbooks. Buy beakers and computers. Local businesses could donate TV monitors to view online and cable educational activities. Buy art supplies and how about landscaping companies supplying trees and other green plants for outdoor classrooms.

Our Latin American businesses could donate money to Spanish language classes. Car dealers to automotive classes. Etc, Etc, and more Etc.

Please don't say we already pay school taxes, I know we do but it is not enough. I'm not against the extracurricular activities at all, my children participated in many of them but our children are being deprived of educational opportunities and these academic booster clubs could be a great solution for their academic achievement.

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